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Investing in well-being is good for business. But, understanding yoga and fitness, making the right choices, and delivering great experiences takes time and resources.

We solve these problems. Our mission is to help businesses reach their wellness goals, by making yoga and fitness easy, appealing, and strategic.

Whatever your needs, whatever your size, we have a solution.

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Customized, professional yoga —we handle it all.

Our services and end-to-end support takes the work out of offering yoga. Partnering with us creates more opportunities, frees up your time, and gives you peace of mind. Services include:

- On-site classes (yoga, meditation, fitness)  
- Pop-up events (classes, logistics, marketing support) 
- Videos and digital content
- Turnkey yoga rooms and studio management 

We also offer data insights and impact assessments to help you track progress. 


We are committed to making yoga and wellness smart, convenient and strategic for businesses and their stakeholders.  

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Hotels, health facilities, events, and workplaces hire us, because we create valuable experiences and guarantee results.

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It’s no secret that when it comes to yoga and wellness, there’s a lot to sift through, and frankly, it can even be intimidating.

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