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Convenient, smart, on-site yoga and studios anywhere

Yoga does wonders for your health, and investing in well-being is smart. Unfortunately, making it to class can be difficult, and offering yoga can be tricky. We solve these problems.  

Flyway Yoga makes offering yoga and creating studios convenient, and working with us is efficient and effective. We design custom classes, videos, and schedules, and we teach nationally, anywhere, anytime. We also provide marketing services and equipment. Whether you have one or multiple locations, we are your partner for making everything about yoga easy and rewarding.

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We believe that yoga is an investment in health and happiness. Accordingly, we believe that success depends on terrific teachers, smart classes, and thoughtfully designed experiences and spaces.

We have distinct capabilities in each of these areas, and we offer complete, customized services that can be bundled together or purchased separately. From designing a room, to marketing classes, and teaching on-site, working with Flyway is easy and awesome.



We are committed to making yoga and well-being convenient for everyone. Read about our story and team.


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