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Customers chose Flyway Yoga, because we are experts in everything for on-site yoga. Our services make offering yoga smart and easy, and classes with our teachers are meaningful, memorable experiences. 

Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga programs are successful when employees enjoy classes and when administrators get the support they need. We recognize this, and offer a range of classes plus support services. Class options include different types of yoga classes (foundations, flow, mixed-levels, etc.), as well as meditation and fitness classes, lunch-and-learns, and yoga at meetings or off-site retreats.  Support services include surveys, communication, data, and impact assessments. 

Hospitality yoga

Hotel yoga programs are successful when guests and visitors have great experiences and when yoga has a positive impact on the bottom line. We understand both objectives, and we have a range of services that make yoga appealing to guests and good for business. Services include on-site classes, on-demand private group classes, and studio management. Whatever your need, we can help you develop a smart yoga program.

See examples of our work: On-demand yoga for brides and corporate groups, an on-site yoga studio at a Vermont ski resort.

Behavioral Health yoga

Yoga enhances almost any healthcare setting, from behavioral health to acute care. At Flyway Yoga, we are experts at bringing yoga to these populations. We follow the research and work with specially trained teachers to make yoga effective for your clients and good for your business. Services include on-site classes, digital content, equipment, and consultation. 

Videos and digital content

Yoga can be done anywhere, and today, people are looking for easy ways to stay healthy and be their best selves. This means that if you're serving customers through an app or screen, you can offer them easy movement and relaxation solutions with short videos or podcasts. This content is smart for your business: it will keep your customers and patients healthy, and, if you have an app, it will drive traffic and increase loyalty. See a sample of our videos below. 

When it comes to data and impact, we understand that it is important, but often challenging to measure the impact that yoga and wellness services have on your business. We have survey and data capabilities that will help you understand your stakeholders and key elements of your program. In turn, this helps you make smart choices and maximize your investment.

Studio room, equipment, and data services are custom designed and priced to meet your goals and budget.

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