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Customized & professional

Customized, professional wellness — we handle it all.

Flyway Yoga makes an impact, and our end-to-end support gives you peace of mind. Services include:

On-site classes (Yoga, meditation, and fitness) 

When it comes to yoga, great experiences come from thoughtfully designed classes and talented teachers. We listen to your your needs and recommend appropriate class experiences, which are then taught by trained, screened professionals. We hire local teachers for each customer we serve, which means we can work with you anywhere, anytime.

Working with us and using our professional network guarantees appealing, high impact classes and saves you time. Why waste time hiring teachers, managing schedules, and worrying about quality when you can outsource that to professionals?

Videos and digital content

Yoga can be done anywhere, and today, people are looking for easy ways to stay health and be their best selves. This means that if you're serving customers through an app or screen, you can offer them easy yoga solutions with short videos or audio. This content is smart for your business: it will drive traffic, increase loyalty, and keep your customers and users healthy. See one of our videos here

Pop-up events (classes, logistics, and marketing support)

Pop-up classes are a great addition to any event. Adding these will help you attract more customers and keep people at your event longer. We will recommend appealing classes and activities, and we can also help you with logistics and marketing. 

Turnkey yoga rooms and studio management services    

Want to offer a yoga or wellness room, but not sure what to do or don't have resources in-house? We have experience designing and operating facilities. We can consult and support you at each step, from planning to operations.

Considering equipment, but don’t have time to figure out what to do? We can help you rent or buy yoga supplies from premium brands.

Services can be purchased alone or combined, and we also offer data insights and impact assessments. 

When it comes to data and impact, we understand that it is important, but often challenging to measure the impact that yoga and wellness services have on your business. We have survey and data capabilities that will help you understand your stakeholders and key elements of your program. In turn, this helps you make smart choices and maximize your investment.

Studio room, equipment, and data services are custom designed and priced to meet your goals and budget.

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