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Wellness activities for the mind and body are smart. Whether you are stressed at work or coping with an addiction, yoga, meditation, and exercise benefit us all.

Regrettably, wellness often operates in a silo, infrequent activities disconnected from patient outcomes, employee well-being, and business performance metrics. 

Flyway solves this problem. Our innovative approach combines proprietary frameworks and data-based tools with customized classes and content that can be broadly implemented. The result is strategic wellness linked to the well-being of your employees, clients, patients and goals of your business.

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All 50 states 

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What makes Flyway different: An innovative, strategic approach to wellness

Through years of work, study, and practice, we have developed novel approaches and proprietary tools that help you understand your patients and employees and offer strategic wellness activities. Combined with credentialed, local teachers and end-to-end support, our approach works and is easy to implement.  

Flyway customers: Any industry, any location

Behavioral health centers, hotels, workplaces, and events hire us, because they trust our customized services and high-quality work that's data driven. Read what they are saying here.

Flyway talent: Diverse team of Health and business experts

Flyway is more than yoga and fitness teachers. Our team includes experts in business management, yoga for addiction and stress management, mindfulness, and fitness. This diverse expertise helps us understand and serve your unique needs. Read about our story and team here.

Making wellness work: The Flyway

Wellness can be intimidating. There’s a lot to understand and consider. Visit our blog to stay current with trends and read about our clients' success.


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