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From corporate wellness to yoga for addiction— you can trust Flyway.

Customers chose Flyway, because we offer complete, outcomes-based wellness. Our services make offering mind-body activities smart and easy, and classes with our teachers are meaningful, memorable experiences. 

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is successful when employees feel better and culture and performance improves. Flyway has developed proprietary frameworks and tools to help you get these results.

After setting the direction for your program, we offer different types of wellness activities, including yoga, meditation, and fitness classes. We also offer support services including surveys, equipment, communication, and data assessments. 

Yoga for addiction and recovery

For patients recovering from addiction or medical treatment, yoga and mind-body activities offer more than relaxation and exercise. They are powerful opportunities to improve health. At Flyway, we've also learned that they are ways for providers to see patients in a new context and understand their unique emotional and physical needs during recovery.

From these insights, Flyway developed data-based tools that link yoga and wellness activities with patient health and performance based model of care. Our behavioral health wellness services include these tools, as well as customized classes, equipment, and operational support.

Read more about our approach to performance based models of care and innovative wellness tools.

HoTel yoga and wellness

Hospitality wellness works best when guests and businesses win. We understand both objectives and have turn-key services that make yoga and fitness easy, appealing, and high-impact. Services include on-site classes, on-demand private group classes, and studio management. Whether you are independent or part of a group, we can help you develop and implement a smart program.

See examples of our work: On-demand yoga for brides and corporate groups in Vermont.

Pop-up yoga, special projects, and yoga Videos

Millennials prioritize wellness and want easy ways to stay healthy. So, whether you are running an event or reaching customers through an app, wellness should be part of your strategy.

Not sure what to do? Flyway will help you understand your options and then develop customized videos and pop-up events. See a sample of our videos below. 

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