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Yoga for memorable, unique experiences

On-demand yoga makes it easy for resorts to offer private classes to business groups, wedding parties, couples, and families. Guests will love the convenience and fun of having yoga on-site, and hospitality businesses and brands benefit too.

How does it work? Flyway works with resort partners to ensure that the experience is great for guests and easy on resort management. To begin, this includes choosing a suitable place for yoga, which could be any semi-private area inside or outside, then developing a promotional plan, and, as needed, agreeing on optional catering services. After this, Flyway takes over. Customers order directly through our website, and we communicate with them via email or phone, and arrange for appropriate teachers. This means that resort managers can stay focused on their core business, and guests receive attentive service from dedicated professionals.  

Standard offerings are listed below. These offerings, order forms, and web content and images can be customized for each facility.

wedding Classes

Wedding weekend yoga will be something that you remember for years, and adding yoga to your schedule means less stress and more time with the ones you love. We also make it super convenient to arrange drinks, snacks, or a meal after class, so that you have one less thing to plan and one fewer vendor to manage. Chose from our standard offerings below, or feel free to let us know if you'd like something customized. 

  • Yoga and brunch is easy and awesome, perfect for people who want to find time to exercise and enjoy a fabulous meal together before the buzz begins.
  • Yoga and drinks lets healthy meet fun! Relax, limber up and then unwind or raise your glass with drinks of your choice. Anything goes! Champagne or custom cocktails, beers or wine, or tea and desserts.
  • A partner class offers a private and memorable experience. It's perfect for mother and daughter, bride and groom, or bridesmaids. 
  • A group class is entertaining and healthy, and it can be designed for all ages and abilities. We also can organized catered refreshments after class.

Cost begins at $95. Additional fees for groups larger than 10 and for catering. 

Partner and couples classes

mom and dad - Copy (2).jpg

Class with a partner lets you enjoy a rare balance between workout and teamwork. Incredibly fun and rewarding, it will be something you'll want to do again and again. It's perfect to add to a couples weekend, honeymoon, anniversary, or other special occasion.

Just two of you? Our two-person partner classes is a tried and true way to feel good about yourself and your relationship. Want to include a child or do yoga with another couple? Try a private group class for a guaranteed way to have fun together. Want to keep relaxing, or make a day of it? Arrange a spa treatment or consider ordering refreshments after class. 

Cost begins at $90 for two people, with a $14 charge for each additional person.  

Private group classes

corporate group yoga.jpg

Private classes are fun, memorable experiences that foster teamwork and well-being. All elements of a class can be customized. Cost begins at $90 per hour.  

Order form

We are glad that you are interested in a private yoga class. We guarantee that this will be a wonderful and memorable experience.

To get started, please chose the type of class you are interested in, tell us about the participants, their yoga experience, if any, and whatever else is on your mind. Once we have this information, we can match you with an instructor, and, as needed, send you a catering menu. We'll then exchange a few emails and phone calls to coordinate. 

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