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Every day, Flyway Yoga gives me the opportunity to learn about our customers and what type of yoga experience is right for them. We’ve just begun working with @Mamava, Inc.,an impressive and admirable local business based in Burlington, VT that makes nursing solutions for breastfeeding mothers.

I spent yesterday learning about the physical work of breastfeeding and the toll it takes on women’s bodies: neck and back pain, poor posture, and fatigue. Wow! 

We are excited to help Mamava address this problem by developing several short, high-impact yoga videos and podcasts for nursing moms. These will help moms relax when pumping on-the-go and loosen up tight shoulders and neck.

Nursing mothers, how else can we offer yoga to help you care for your body? Let me know and stay tuned for links to this content later this fall. 

As the founder of Flyway Yoga, I'm proud to work with customers like Mamava and know that our yoga is making a difference. Stay tuned. We'll be back this fall. - Betsy 

Elizabeth Nesbitt