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Benefits of Yoga

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Recovering from an injury? Male? Looking for an activity to do with your wife?

I received an email yesterday from a regular client at Bolton Valley. His testimonial speaks volumes!

I have always been an exercise nut and gravitated towards more extreme sports, which have led to many surgeries. I thought yoga was something that could help mend my injuries and also something to do with my wife, who was a new skier last year. The classes at Bolton are at a pace that I can follow. They are both very beneficial and one of the hardest things I have done. At first, some injuries were painful to work through. As I took more classes, I became more at ease and noticed marked improvements in pain, flexibility, and my general ability to function. My wife also enjoyed the classes and results. She will be much readier to take on her second ski season! I highly recommend these classes to help prepare for the ski season, for both injury rehab and prevention. - Jack

To husbands, recovering athletes, and those venturing on to the snow for the first time this winter, what type of yoga  are you doing? What questions do you have about yoga? Is there an opportunity for Flyway at your local ski area? 

We'd love to hear from you. - Betsy 


Elizabeth Nesbitt