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Using yoga in addiction recovery

Last week, Flyway began yoga at Groups, an innovative medical practice that provides evidence based treatment for opiate addiction in rural areas. Groups focuses on communities that don't have other options for treatment.

At the clinic in Lebanon, NH, we are leading gentle yoga that is designed to help clients reduce stress and teach them techniques to manage stress in their daily lives. Addressing stress is important for populations in recovery. Research indicates that ignoring stress leads recovering addicts to more cravings and higher likelihood of relapse during recovery.

On a personal note, this was an especially meaningful class. Sarah Apgar, Director of Expansion at Groups, is a Tuck classmate and great friend. We are both grateful that our mutual commitment to health and wellness has brought us together in a professional setting.

Tuckies in health and wellness, where are you working? What are your solutions to stress?

yoga for opioid addiction