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Yoga and recovering from opiate use

I attended an excellent talk at UVM Medical Center on Monday: Opioids and Chronis Pain: Cultural Myopia and the Big Picture. Key point: long term, sustainable solutions to managing chronic pain need to address the stress that people experience and should include integrative care, like holistic medicine, yoga, and functional rehabilitation. Next week, Flyway Yoga will begin teaching yoga to clients recovering from opioid addiction. We are proud to be working with Groups, an innovative, mission-driven partner serving communities throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Indiana, Ohio, and California.

To readers who are managing chronic pain or addictions, what type of yoga and integrative care are you doing? What questions do you have about using yoga in your treatment? What resources are available to you?

 Flyway Yoga mats out the Groups office in Lebanon, NH

Flyway Yoga mats out the Groups office in Lebanon, NH

Elizabeth Nesbitt