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Innovative wellness tools for performance based models of care

Last month, Flyway developed a set of data-based tools to help behavioral health centers link yoga to performance based models of care. We are excited to launch this innovative, outcomes-oriented approach and make a positive contribution to addiction recovery, including opioid treatment.

We developed these tools after working with Groups, a network of opioid recovery clinics. Teaching there showed us that yoga classes help patients and clinical providers.

  • For patients, yoga offers immediate relief from distress and contributes to their sense of well-being and self-esteem.
  • For providers, yoga presents an opportunity to see patients in a new context and understand their unique emotional and physical needs in recovery. With this yoga-based patient understanding, clinal staff can customize and improve treatment.

Building on these insights, Flyway developed a tool that links yoga classes with data to improve business performance. Benefits of using data-based tools with yoga:  

  • More integrative, personalized counseling
  • More appealing patient services that promote faster, better recovery
  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Stronger value proposition to attract capital

On a personal note, I’m excited to customize and launch these with our customers in 2018 and expand Flyway’s impact on addiction recovery and opioid treatment.