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How effective is your yoga?

Recent conversations with clients and clinics has made us think hard about how to make yoga effective for recovery and smart for behavioral health businesses.

To improve client outcomes and help clinics better manage their wellness programs, Flyway recently developed a comprehensive recovery yoga program. 

about the Flyway Recovery yoga program:

  • The Flyway program ‘flips the classroom’ and puts clients in charge of designing their yoga experience and choosing the elements of their yoga class (poses, meditations, breathing techniques, etc.).
  • We do this using our customized ‘yoga cards’ that outline different yoga activities and explain the therapeutic benefits.

Key benefits:

  • Client centric: Giving clients the responsibility of designing their yoga experience encourages them to talk about their bodies and recovery experience and take responsibility for how they feel. 
  • Educational: In addition to yoga classes, the program includes handouts for clients and staff, covering topics like yoga for recovery and pain, tips for beginners, how to practice yoga at home, etc.
  • Scalable: The program offers a standardized, but flexible approach that can easily be used in other clinics, should your clinic want to implement a common approach sites.
  • Measurable: The curriculum allows us to record and analyze the yoga class elements (poses, meditations, breathing techniques, etc.) that clients chose. In turn, we create data that indicates client preferences and lets us customize care.
Elizabeth Nesbitt