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Yoga that everyone loves

Why offer yoga?

"Mindfulness practices can address multiple workplace wellness needs, benefiting employees and employers”

- Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Preventing Chronic Diseease

Busy professionals and students love yoga, because it lowers stress and improves their wellbeing. Unfortunately, going to classes at studios and gyms is often inconvenient, and this makes it harder for people to take care of themselves. Offering on-site classes solves this problem and builds healthy, creative, and productive workforces and communities. Plus, yoga is relatively inexpensive; one class costs about the same as four cases of copy paper or ten catered lunches.

Services & Offerings


It's easy for anyone to enjoy yoga when it's convenient and appropriate. Flyway will help you develop a custom schedule and chose from several different types of classes, including beginner, mixed levels, vinyasa flow, sport-specific, and restorative. Classes are typically 60 minutes, but longer or shorter options are also available, as are custom classes for meetings, retreats, or events.  Flyway also offers pop-up yoga, as well as other fitness classes, like Pilates and boot camps. Pop-up classes are popular at seasonal events like exam periods, reunions, or ‘bring a daughter/son to work.’

Classes are taught by instructors who are trained, screened and experienced at teaching in different settings. Using our professional network saves you time and gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to find teachers or manage contracts, and you can trust that it will all be of the highest quality. We can also provide referrals for other wellness professionals, like health coaches and massage therapists. Prices start at $100/hour, with lower rates available for bulk purchases. Pop-up classes are custom priced.

Rooms and studios

Studio rooms are smart investments for offices, especially in settings where people can choose to work remotely, and for schools. They signal healthy, high quality work environments, which encourage people to spend time at the office or on campus.

Opening a yoga or meditation room is easy and relatively inexpensive, and we can help you make choices that are smart for your organization. For renovations, we can help you chose a space, plan appropriate modifications, and recommend features, decorations and equipment. For new constructions, we offer layout and design advice, and we can work together with architectural firms.

We also provide room supplies and decorations , and we can advise you on how to keep employees or students engaged with seasonal or interactive offerings. Partnering with us to open and manage a room or studio helps everyone, management team and employees or students, get more from their investment.

Equipment & Services

Quality equipment for purchase or rent: Providing equipment encourages participation and creates consistency, and we sell and rent equipment from top-line brands. Mats start at $40, and kits (mat, block, and strap) start at $75. Both items can also be rented for a season, starting at $15 and $30 respectively.

Management, communication and insight services: Our support services include online surveys, enrollment, content for internal communications, and participation data and insights. Services are custom designed and priced to meet your goals and budget.

Consulting & Custom Projects

Have something else in mind? We'd love to work with you on special projects, like bringing yoga teachers to your gym or organizing a retreat. Our team is available to support any type of job, anywhere.  

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